Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Me again

I haven't added anything to my blog in a LONGGGGG time. My life is full of playing with Shushi we go crazy wild...wrestling chasing zooming I'm faster than Shushi & I leap in single bound..poor Shushi has to take the long way around. I have been off dry foods with an occasion temptation or party mix I don't miss it as much as I thought I do eat more wet foods now MOL Shushi is the one who gets dads attention he knocks things down making daddy get up to feed us [& yelled at for knocking things down] Even though this is MY BLOG I will share it with Shushi cause he has more stories to tell. He has so many jobs to do - he is a garbage man [picks through garbage] he ia a dish washer [he stands there when dad washes dishes] he is a chef [yep he hangs around helping cook] he is a dog walker and a seeing eye cat for Tino who is blind he is an escort [he walks dad to the kitchen or bathroom etc] he is a bathroom monitor [he will be with dad to be sure he 'cleans' up] he is a dentist [watches dad brush his teeth] he is a mechanic [he is always helping dad fix something] he is a plumber [he is 1st one in shower to make sure water goes down drain] he is an ear of corn - Cedes nibbles on him like people eat an ear of corn - he love it he is my brother & I am proud to say so. 1. Shushi & Tino 2. Me & Shushi 3. Me 4. Me & Shushi 5. Shushi & Cedes 6. Shushi

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